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Are you ready to . . .

* manage your stress and anxiety

* overcome your destructive habits

* break your limiting life patterns

* form loving and compassionate relationships

* connect with your calling and find your life’s work

* live a joyful and fulfilling life and achieve your highest potential

Then you are ready to embark on your self-realization journey.

The Seeker’s Manual is now available to be your guidebook along your journey for higher awareness and energy.

Blank white book w/path

There are 7 concrete phases on a transformation journey. As you travel through these phases, you will connect with higher levels of consciousness and get deeper insights into your life.

For each phase, you will learn a key practice that will connect you with the specific key energy a particular phase requires you to reach. With each tool and practice you learn, you will feel closer to the meaning of your life and start experiencing joy, gratitude, love and compassion.

Take a look at what’s inside of The Seeker’s Manual on:





Cultivate your Energy for Better Life

We are energy beings. Our subconscious, in other words our energy body, regulates most of our actions at all times. All of our learned skills, thought patterns, emotional attachments and belief systems are thoroughly wired within our energy body and govern our life. The purpose of such highly efficient wiring system is to have an immediate access to information so that we can protect ourselves against threats.

What is the importance of this knowledge? Well, almost all of our mental and emotional patterns are negative so that we can anticipate the worst-case scenarios and be prepared against them. As a result, we live under constant fear. When we know that most of our actions are governed by our energy body wired by our underlying fears, then it’s easy to figure out  why we get stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated etc all the time. Bottom line, “we don’t feel safe”.

When we live according to our fears, we make a lot of efforts to feel safe and deplete our energy in the process.

We need to do something to balance our energy and eliminate these negative thought patterns and emotional attachments out of our energy body. We need to release our energy blockages.

The Energy Work directly communicates with your energy body. That’s why the Energy Work is so effective in breaking the limiting life patterns and opening the door to your highest potential. Through this work, you will be able to balance your energy and feel empowered to overcome your underlying fears.


Next step is a joyful, happy and fulfilling Life

Click Testimonials to review the feedback from many clients who have experienced the benefits of Energy Work. Understand how they have changed their life. They are on their path to reach their potential. Their feedback is very inspirational. It is absolutely fascinating how balancing our energy can lead us to a joyful, happy and fulfilling life. EVERYONE, yes! every one of us has the power and innate energy to break their limiting life patterns and achieve a fulfilling and rewarding life. Start taking steps towards your highest potential.

The principles of the Energy Work is also described in The Seeker’s Manual. Through the study of your own life experiences, you can receive insightful guidance on what steps to take in order to release your energy blockages, break your limiting life patterns, connect with your calling and start living a joyful and fulfilling life. Click on The Seeker’s Manual to order your copy.


Complimentary Consultation

To find out more, schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation session, so that you can immediately experience the positive effects of Energy Work and Wellness Coaching in your life. Send a quick email to arda [at] qigong4balance [dot] com for your first step towards a joyful and fulfilling life.